I don’t know what is wrong with MY taste to find this Gorilla hot. >_<
Or why I am making a pimp post about him... but he's a part of K8 and he's hot, idek why... maybe this post will reveal my real feelings. XD

But yeah- a Hina pimp post <3  Oh. And just look at this glorious gaaaahhhh!!
Okay. I'll start. >////<

Murakami Shingo ( 村上信吾 )(The Master Tsukkomi, Domestic Violence to all members, my soon to be money financier. XD)

Nicknames: Hina(-chan), Gorilla
Birthday: 1982.1.26 (34  years old)
Blood type: AB
Height: 170 cm (~5'7")
Image color: Purple (Nasu, or eggplant)
Instrument: Keyboards
Hobbies: SOCCER
Family: Parents, younger brother

Hina, despite not being the oldest is probably the most…. Leader-ish person in K8, although they say that they have no leader.

And Yoko often pretends he’s the leader but it is actually Hina who is taking care of everyone (minus the hitting though. Hina likes to hit the other members. But lovingly of course)

Anyway, it’s the “Murakami Stability” as they say <3 (or the girls who like Hina says)

Hina likes money (he’s gonna be the money financier of mine in the future). But yeah, Hina is tight on money, he’s stingy and just crude about everything.Example in Janiben there was:

Yasu: Ahh~ It must be nice. (they’re talking about a perfect wife)
Yoko: Right? Someone who will cook for you and wait for you at home?
Maru:She’ll do the budgeting too~ <3
(okay, Hina. We get it. No need to shout)

Or when they visitR no Housokuand the teenage girls wanted K8 to solve their problems in regards with their allowance.

Ryo: But that’s already a lot! (the girl says her allowance is around 1500 yen a month)
Okura: Where are you teenage girls spending your money anyway?
Girl#1:well there are pancakes house right?
GIRL#2: and there's purikura right?
(just like a parent scolding his kids ^^ll )

Hina is just so lovable >////<  (look at me betraying my love for Okura but Hina is handsome in a manly... way?)

HIna’s eyes is also (according to Yoko at least) is the 2ndcutest thing in the world.
Subaru: So what’s wthe first?
Yoko: A toy poodle!
Yasu: But human wise, it’s my eyes right?
Yoko: Yes. But the Toy poodle is still first. (okay then, darling. Toy Poodle is first)

But seriously look at this eyes <3 <3 So pure and round and so.. honest.

Now on the serious note, Hina is--- for a lack of better word, the most untalentedmember of Eito. (for me at least)
No seriously, don’t hate me Hina fans;;
I love him as well seriously. But really, Hina usedto be so untalented. He sucks at singing as much as Yoko does. They’re even arguing whose the worst singer is xD

During the Jr. days, Hina would watch their show and find himself just repeating whatever Yoko or Baru is saying on the show. And he struggled a lot on it, that’s why he perseveres to develop his talk or his MCing skills.

And now he’s good as MC Kamiyama is! <3 <3 they both have a lot of hosting shows! Even Tsurube Ben says to Ryo that,

"This guy talk is amazing!! He perfected the art already!!"

Hina is their pianist~ like Okura he didn’t play piano seriously and only started actually learning during the time where they say K8 is doing a band.
He admitted that during LIFE, he can’t play properly without looking at the keyboards.

While Yasu has a weird fashion sense but acceptable, this guy is the worst.Remember how Okura is always voted as the most fashionable? This guy is always voted as the lamest. His clothes are either Camouflauge shirt, camoflauge pants and Camouflauge hat!!

Yoko: In the city, where do you think you're going to hide?!

Gahds. Hina. By the way the nickname Hina is because when he was younger he looks like an actress named Hina. Idek the whole story OTL

Hina is also very very violent toward the member, hitting them when he tsukkomi’ed, (I fear for Okura’s head) 

And he’s actually an attention seeker guy like Yoko does, but his targets are different, while Yoko aims to be popular with the fans, Hina wanted to--- idk, be friends with directors, producer and other high statuses people. This guy is cunning, I told you. he knows who is who, which friends he can gain a lot more, but then you can say that it’s a good thing for K8.

He's their Alpha... lol jokeee XDDDD
But really, sometimes he is just too crude with everything. He's not voted as the popular with women because he's too frank.

Yasu: Girls really like to bent out their feelings right? But with Shin-chan's personality, he will likely go"Don't lose sleep over something like that!"
(but Hina... i wanna tell you my problems ;; )

And when he was ask to give flying kisses, he was all "PHWE! PHWE!" like spitting OTL

But yeah. This kind of guy will NEVER be popular.

Totally 0% idol in this guy. But then K8 is not idols anymore, they're artist <3 <3

Murakami Shingo cannot act, he cannot sing, he can't even dance sometimes, he has 0% charm as an idol, he's crude, he hits K8 a lot and maybe he's not that handsome. But like everyone in Kanjani8, I love this guy (a lot), he's their big brother and K8 needs someone who can set things straight for them.

Not to mention. I need his bodeh //shot// NOOOO!!! I MEAN HINA HAS A NICE BODY!!! CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF!! >////<

And here's a girl! Hina <3 <3

List Of Drama but I recommended Janiben and all their talk shows in reality: because more Tsukkomi and Hina-real self there <3


Papadoru! (TBS, 2012)
Bartender (TV Asashi, 2011)
Inu o Kau to Iu Koto (TV Asahi, 2011, cameo)
0 Goshitsu no Kyaku (Fuji TV, 2009)
My Girl (TV Asahi, 2009)
Arigato, Okan (KTV, 2008)
Dive to Future (KTV, 2006)
Hagure Keiji Junjoha (TV Asahi, 2004-2005)
Neverland (TBS, 2001)
Mama Chari Deka (TBS, 1999)
Kowai Nichiyobi (TV Asahi, 1999, ep2)

List of Pimp Post made by yours truly:
Ohkura Tadyoshi:
Yokoyama Yuu:
Yasuda Shota:
Murakami Shingo:


I’m on a roll~~~~ <3 <3 <3 Next would be Hina <3
Thy handsome gorilla //shot// no. I’m just joking. I love Hina as much as I love everyone in Kanjani8.
By the way, have you guys heard about that AraKan rumors? That Arashi and Kanjani will have a show together??? ;A;


Yasuda Shota (安田章大) (The angel, the bishie, the one who will appear in your dreams and comfort you)

Nicknames:Yassan, Sho-chan, Shota
Birthday:1984.9.11 (31 years old)
Blood type:A

Height:164.5 cm
Image color:Blue


Hobbies:Guitar playing, scuba diving, shopping, drawing, boating
Family:Parents, older sister

Probably the cutest and member of K8~~~~ <3 <3
I am so very protective of this kind angel and I don’t know why people say he have such a weak character; A; or how they don’t like Yasu that much because he’s not handsome or anything…
(are these people blind or  something??! Yasu is so freaking cute!! Maybe not the Ryo and Ohkura type handsome but still cute!!!)

Or how they don’t notice it whether Yasu is there or not-
For me,Yasu is an important part of Kanjani8, and without him, Kanjani8 might as well collapse… or disband (I dont need a K8 without Yasuda Shota)

Extremely AMAZING as their lead guitarist, Yasu is someone who can do EVERYTHINGand I agree (except the ikemen camera I guess, he always turn into some kind of yokai in there XD like a rat yokai or a kappa)..

Well anyway, yes I agree! Yasu wears skirt, paint his nail, and write songs, acts like an onee and just simply everything!

He is kind and he is the one with the most music sense in the group, he can write songs, do a melody in an instance and have a beautiful voice that is perfect for harmonizing… <3

Just Look at this precious being that deserves all the love in the world…!

I don’t know how someone can simply just deny Yasu’s amazingness at the guitar, he can pluck and do all those amazing movements with his guitar and with just him and Ohkura and Maru, they can make Kanjani’s music SOOOOOOOOO Alive…. !!!

Yasu is the kindest, I think this is what most member say about Yasu and some fans think that Yasu is only kind, and I don’t know how- but I kind of feel Yasu’s kindness.. (im delusional sorry) ..
I mean the way he spoke is so gentle and when he smiles, everything just melts away and I love how he was so concerned of other members when they got sick or something.

With Yasu in K8, I trust that everyone is going to be in good hands. (Yasu is the wife figure xd)

No. But seriously, he’s the wife of K8,  when Ryo was asked if there is someone he would kiss in K8, Ryo goes, “Sho-chan!!”

Even Yoko on Ikinari Dodge:
“Who do you wanna kiss?” –Hina (when Yoko was hit with the kiss someone ball)
Yoko: *looks at Yasu*… well then Yasu?
Yasu: I’m not cheap XD (I really cracked up at this)\

I love Yasu’s bizarre outfit, not Hina type outfit but actually more colorful and more WOAH! Is he seriously wearing that? But Yasu is cute so I forgive you. <3

(Please forgive my inability to find more of Yasu’s bizarre clothes. These pictures are still the ”tone down” version, it is usually much MORE bizarre and amazing than this and these are magazine shoot but I cannot find... ;A;)

And I don’t know how despite having such a sweet smile, Yasu can sometimes look so badass and cool, especially when his guitar is involve, expect a nice and amazing Eargasm coming from Yasuuu.

Like this

And I remember how I definitely love the Jussai Eito ranger Skit. Yasu or Blue renja is so evil there xD (will not spoil) and there was this one moment where Black says that he looks like a chimpanzee and he goes wail about it to Green but Ohkura was like:

“Well you kinda look like one…”
(I laugh a lot at how Green being the kind of friend that cheers you up by pushing you on the cliff xD )

I did mention that Yasu is extremely talented when it comes to music right?

He always writes a lot of K8 songs, and composes for them. He was just really amazing; despite being small and all so I did not know how some people can’t appreciate him… he needs more love, don’t he?

Well I will finish this with a picture of the sweet Yasuko or else I might go on for eternity:

List Of Drama but I recommended Janiben and all their talk shows in reality:


Naruyouni Narusa 2 (TBS, 2014)
Naruyouni Narusa (TBS, 2013)
Yakou Kanransha (TBS, 2013, ep1-2,4-10)
Dragon Seinendan (TBS, 2012)
Papadol! (TBS, 2012, ep1-5,10)
Mou Yuukai Nante Shinai (Fuji TV, 2012)
0 Goshitsu no Kyaku (Fuji TV, 2009)
ROMES (NHK, 2009)
Yasuko to Kenji (NTV, 2008, ep5)
Double (KTV, 2006)
Dive to the Future (KTV, 2006)
Jitensha Shonenki (TV Tokyo, 2006)
Chocolat (TBS, 2003)
Kowai Nichiyobi 2000 (NTV, 2000, ep10)
Shichinin no Samurai (七人のサムライ) (TV Asahi, 1999)

Scanner | Scanner: Kioku no Kakera wo Yomu Otoko (2016) - Satoru Sasabe
Eight Ranger 2 | Eitorenja 2 (2014) - Syun Yasuhara
The Workhorse & the Bigmouth | Basyauma san to Bitgumausu (2013) - Yoshimi Tendo
Eight Ranger | Eitorenja (2012) - Syun Yasuhara (Blue Ranger)

Done with Yassan <3

Ohkura Tadyoshi:
Yokoyama Yuu:
Yasuda Shota:
Murakami Shingo:

But yeah. This kind of guy will NEVER be popular.


Back with another pimp post <3

Today is May1 so let’s start with Yoko who will soon be 35 on the 9th.
No. but seriously he is my 2ndso I’m starting on him after Tada.

Yokoyama You (横山裕) (K8’s mastermind, the kid, the attention seeker and the snow white)

Nicknames:Yokocho, Kimi-kun, Yuuchin
Birthday:1981.05.09 (34 years old)
Blood type:A

Height:176 cm (5'9") (Third tallest but always look small)

Image color:Black (Riida)

Hobbies:Watching 24, playing Monster Hunter
Family: Two younger brothers
He’s evil, he’s grace… he’s everything… NO! Now, I don’t know where have you seen this guy, is it Hidarime where he plays the EVILbig brother, Yukan Club where he plays theSMARTSeishirou  or worse/best The Quiz Show where he was the VENGEFULproducer Honma Toshio?

Please I beg you, don’t be misled by his evil smirks and smarts remarks. See this? Don’t!

Because Yoko in real life is no way cool or scary- he's a baby that needs to be complmented and he always forgot his stuffs and cellphones and he loves the natto that goes "crunch" and hate it when his manager brings the natoo that goes "squinch"

So yeah, Yoko is K8’s oldest member and yet despite being the oldest, the most childish one, the impossible one- the one getting red when he’s angry, the funniest and the most adorable attention seeker. I now think that Ohkura is actually kind of mature because the older ones especially this guy here is just simply immature so he was forced to be the mature one.

Despite being good friends with Arashi's Aiba and Nino,
Yoko is also the one always waging war (LOL)to Arashi, whenever they raided (guested) on Arashi’s show.

Trust Yoko to always go:
“If we win this match, let’s make this show Vs. Kanjani.”

“We’d like to make this show Himitsu no Kanjani-chan!”
“Worst case we’ll make Nino-san to Yoko-san”

Yoko is always always losing his things, like wallets, cellphone and driver license and other important things. It came to the point where his YOUNGER brother had to put his number and name on his things.He’s also distrusting to other people, not the evil “I don’t trust people anymore!” but the cute way like, “You guys are not Kanjani so I won’t trust you.”

Or the one in Kanpani: “He won’t betray us!” –Murakami Shingo
“No. he will. All adults do.” (such a distrusting kid)

He also likes to be complimented, during one of their lives when Hina was promoting his talk show regarding married women, this guy suddenly goes: “You haven’t complimented me lately right?”

So of course Hina goes, “What?”

But this baby still goes: “No I just thought that you haven’t complimented me lately.” And the other members are like, “Go compliment him already!”, "You're making him sad!"

He is their percussionist, he’s really good at playing various instruments though, like trumpets or chimes or bongos. He wants to play the Sax originally but the staff was all like “Nishikido-san might play it so play the percussion instead!” so he was left with the percussion.

He’s really good at it though <3 <3

Yoko also plays Basketball, he was able to study in middle school and high school due to his Basketball scholarship <3

Despite not finishing any degree, Yoko was very very smart- not English smart though, but street type smart. He is the inventor of Kanjani’s Eito Ranger and he once organize an entire prank for Hina XD

Because at that time, Hina wanted to do a CM and Yoko wants Hina to experience making a  CM or something, I was saying Sorry to Hina the entire time I am watching it because Yoko is just plain evil at that ;; and I feel so bad for Hina. But still as funny as hell hahahahaha

I remember when it was brought up that Ohkura is having a lot of modeling work, Yoko says that he actually wants to model as well making the other members laughs at him and there was this time in Chronicle where he says his line “I’m gonna slam dunk your heart” but immediately goes away because he is getting shy XD (Me: Noooo… where are you going? Aren’t you gonna slam dunk my heart?!)

Ah. Yes, I forgot to mention that Yoko is actually shy. He says cool things then he get embarrassed by them and he’s cute when he gets angry- like he’s shouting at the top of his lungs and getting all red.

He also play games seriously and in one Honmadekka episodes, they were playing musical chairs and Yoko was so dead set on winning that even Sanma-san goes, “Just let Yokoyama wins already.”

He was also named as the shallowest man on Honmaddeka and the biggest “Hindrance” on Kanjani. And the regulars on that shows says that  when Yoko goes home he will probably cry a lot but Kanjani was – “You’re not going to cry right? You’re stronger than this right?”

And Yoko says,  “I’m not as strong as you guys think.”

Wait. I am sooo getting carried away so I’ll finish it here. Here is a picture of Yoko’s crossdressing alter ego, Yokoko <3 <3

Drama and Movie:


1988 Don't Worry! as Isamu Igarashi
1999 47 Ronin as Chikara Ōishi
Nekketsu Renai Dō as Pinokkiyokoyama
P.S. I'm Fine, Shunpei as Keisuke Shimokawa
2000 Ike Ike Ikemen! as Hiro
Food Fight as Hirōmi Manaka
Scary Sunday: 2000
2001 The Worst Date in History as Ginji Naniwa
Hanran no Voyage as Ten Kuzuyama
2002 Engimono: Mitsuo as Mitsuo
2003 Hakusen Nagashi: Age 25 as Hijiri Kōsaka
2005 Gekidan Engimono: Lonely My Room as Natsuki Ōtani
2006 Kemarishi as Kasuga
2007 Haikei, Chichiue-sama as Tokio Nakagawa
Yukan Club as Seishiro Kikumasamune
2008 Yonimo Kimyō na Monogatari as Nakamura
2009 The Quiz Show 2 as Toshio Honma
Koishite Akuma as Hādēs/Kobayakawa
Hidarime Tantei Eye Special as Yumehito Tanaka
0 Gōshitsu no Kyaku as Shiina (Hotel Manager)
2010 Hidarime Tantei Eye as Yumehito Tanaka
2011 CONTROL ~Hanzai Shinri Sōsa~ as Kei Teranishi
2012 13-sai no Hello Work as Kiyofumi Takano
Papadol! as You Yokoyama (as himself)
Boys on the Run as Prison Guard (guest role)
2013 Shikatsushi Joō no Hōigaku as Hajime Inukai
2014 Suikyuu Yankees as Kurosawa Yoshio
1998 Shinjuku Shōnen Tanteidan as Akira Suou
2010 8Uppers as Mac
2012 Tenchi Meisatsu as Honinbo Dosaku
2012 Eight Ranger as Makoto Yokomine
2014 Eight Ranger 2 as Makoto Yokomine

Done with Yokocho~


Helloooo.. hi~ I will be doing a pimp post for K8 members because well, I just love them too much- going to start with Ohkura because he is my bae (bacon and eggs) lol. I think bae means “before anything/anyone else”

Oh. Whatever.

Will do one for Arashi too when I get the time.

Ohkura Tadayoshi (大倉忠義) (Prince of Sarcastic Comments, K8’s baby and my angel.)
Nicknames: Tacchon, Tatsuyoshi, Birthday:1985.5.16 (30 years old)
Blood type: O
Height: 180 cm (~5'11") (tallest in Kanjani <3)
Image color: Green or the Green renja (ranger)
Instrument: Drums
Hobbies: Cooking!
Family: Parents, two younger brothers
Ohkura is K8 drummer, often call Tacchon, he was their youngest member but the most cheeky one, like Ryo, he doesn’t hold back his comments- Ryo has a sharper tongue though. ^^llCompared to Ryo’s straightforward comments, Ohkura’s words seems like much kinder, but cheeky- like the kouhai who is not afraid of his senpais. His words might be kinder but still cut deep like ryo's. Maybe even sharper sometimes.

Currently called “Taiko no Tatsujin”- he battled Yuto Nakajima already (Hey! Say!Jump)
I remember Yuto then say things like “Ah. This is not that much to see.” Or something cocky like that which makes Subaru and other members go all- woaaah at him, they’re very protective of Ohkura xD

Baru even yelled so loud when Ohkura won against Yuto, and Yoko goes: “See how great our member is!” (They’re so proud of their drummer, even so- going so serious against a kouhai that probably means no harm- really Kanjani, how childish are all of you?)

Here is a picture of Tacchon enjoying himself by the drums <3

Ohkura is so amazing at drums- <3 <3 Even though he originally did not know how to play the drums- he HAD to learn to or else Kanjani will stop all activities.
At that time, Ohkura did not know that the group future is on his hand, but Yasu (another angel) continues to encourage him and he did manage to learn - in one month even!!!

At the start of Misetekure-- he, Yasu and Maru are playing and gahhhds- and the music were just- eargasm <3 <3 <3

Ohkura is always alwayslaughing in the background, (his laugh is precious, he sometimes just suddenlyrolls on the floor laughing, even I was surprise- like I was searching for Ohkura but oh- he's on the floor laughing like W H Yare you on the floor darling? But i love him anyway)

He is always nodding his head, clapping at random things that amuse him. This baby is always so easily amused and very kind despite all the cheeky comments he had in him. That’s why in Honmadekka, it was said that he was suited to be a teacher instead-

And Ohkura quickly goes “So I’ve been doing the wrong career for 15 years?”But I honestly can see him as this kind teacher who will listen to your worries. <3 (Be my teacher pleasee!!)

He likes food and sleeping, even Juno (KAT-TUN) says Ohkura sleeping face is very soothing- he can fall asleep anywhere- he even slept on Shabekuri!  For three minutes <3 But still cute-

Ohkura also ignores people whom he can’t understand- like when Komori Jun is on Janiben and she was talking about bra, she suddenly goes: “Why aren’t you speaking?” to Ohkura

“I’m sorry but I don’t really understand a thing you’re saying.”- Ohkura Tadayoshi, February 2010 (what a r00d kid)

Ohkura also works as a model, probably the one with the most modelling work in Kanjani <3 <3 That's because he is tall and he’s usually vited as the most fashionable member of Kanjani8 <3 <3
I actually think that Ohkura’s body is just perfect <3 <3 not too fat or too thinJ

If Yoko is someone who thinks other people beside Kanjani8 is an enemy/rival… (K8 fans  know how extra dramatic Yoko can be)

Well- Ohkura is different- Ohkura likes his kouhai, when JWEST is hosting the segment 3Takku no.1 in their regular show, Janiben. And when the show has food- which they always have we can see Ohkura feeding them, (so sweeet~)
Even giving them so many chance to speak, Yoko: You’re giving them a chance again, Ohkura?
Really, Yoko- be more kind, not everyone is an enemy. But I guess it's because when Ohkura is a junior he don't spek much so he likes giving chance to his kouhai~ He was admired by Fuji Ryuusei (Johnny’s WEST)

In 2016- Ohkura look like an absolute angel- he has blonde hair- platinum one <3 like a cherub <3 <3


And this is his crossdressing alter ego- Kurako <3 Such a goddess right?//shot// (I’m a total Ohkura fangirl sorry)

Okay. I’m done. Promise. XD

So overall, Ohkura Tadayoshi is an amazing ball of fluff that needs more attention and he’s not as scary as other fans think nor is he useless or just a decoration- he’s an important part of Kanjani8 and there will be no one who can replace him in my heart <3

This is a list of Dramas and Movies Okura appeared in but I honestly recommend Janiben and other shows since he’s cuter there, XDD

Drama and Movie:

2000: Kowaii Nichiyoubi 2000
2006: Cinderella ni Naritai! as Ken Narumizaka/Bon Kuramochi (lead role)
2006: Gekidan Engimono: Intelligence as Hajime (lead role)
2007: Hissatsu Shigotonin 2007 as Genta
2007: Utahime as Jinguji-kun (James)
2008: Yasuko to Kenji as Jun Tsubaki
2009: Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 as Genta
2009: Romes as Yūya Narushima (lead role)
2010: Gm: Odore Doctor as Kensuke Motoki
2011: Umareru as Hayashida Taichi
2012: Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri as Ishizu Ryohei
2012: papadol! as himself
2013: Otenki Onee-san as Detective Gota Aoki (lead role)
2014: Dr.Dmat: Gareki no Shita no Hippocrates as Hibiki Yakumo (lead role)
2014: Hana-chan no Misoshiru as Shingo Yasutake (lead role)
2015: Do S Deka as Shūsuke Daikanyama

2010: Ōoku as Tsuruoka
2010: 8uppers
2012: Eight Ranger as Ookawa Ryousuke
2013: 100 Kai Naku Koto as Fuji Shuichi
2014: Eight Ranger 2 as Ookawa Ryousuke
2014: Clover as Tsuge Susumu

Done <3

Bonus: Baby Ohkura <3

And so 30 years pass....

Done srsly this time. XD

Ohkura Tadyoshi:

Yokoyama Yuu:
Yasuda Shota:


I have been talking about this dorks for a very very long span of time that my sister and bestfriend got enough of it and goes: "Show us their best then!"

Since they're both Arashi fan. I went and show them the VS. Arashi and Arashi ni shiyagare and they laugh so loud and apparently gave real weird nicknames to the members

Yasu: they cant remember yasu .. my precious little angel.. its okay i love you
Maru: "the one who has a crush on Nino"
Yoko: Seishirou (from Yukan club)
Ryo: Asou-kun (1 litre of tears right????)
Hina: the Father (Yoko is the mom xD)
Baru: the rocker, looks like homeless xD
Okura: the cocky kouhai, tallest,


Sometimes I sit down and think, what would have happen if I stayed being a KT fan, KT is good, Jin is hot. Kame is hot. Junno is cute. Koki is gangsta and Ueda is a princess. But…. I don’t know, they don’t feel real and all. At first it seems like Jin and Kame two-man group and others don’t get too much exposure… and you get all these down feelings and all, especially when Jin goes to US because “school” and you know, at the back of your head that KT is not enough for Jin and they’re all awkward now with him ((


While being an eighter is an absolute blast! Everyone’s fun. Ryo is hot. Ohkura is hot. Yoko is annoying. Maru is stupid. Yasu is nice and Murakami is cuteeee~~~ and idk. They’re strong. I watched episodes where they discuss their hardship before debuting. And I love Ryo’s loyalty to the group <3 <3

Anyway~ I really love K8. Just letting everyone know 